Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Published by: Francine Maglione
Published on: 2010-01-10 15:26:13

If you're looking to remodel your Connecticut bathroom, there are many different directions you can go. You can make your bathroom spa themed or add European flair, or you can give it a casual and contemporary appearance that will look good for years. There are many bathroom remodeling ideas out there ranging from difficult to easy and from budget-friendly to pricey, so you should do some research before calling a Connecticut bathroom remodeling contractor.

The Sky's the Limit

If money isn't an option for you, the possibilities for bathroom remodeling are endless. There are a number of new products and systems designed to make your bathroom feel like a personal spa. A Bathroom Guide recommends products like towel warmers and heated bathroom tiles to keep your bathroom feeling warm, comfortable and cozy.

Investing in a multi-jet shower system can turn your regular morning shower into a much more luxurious experience. A professional bathroom remodeling contractor can create a shower system for you with jets installed above you and all around you. Steam showers are a great finishing touch for your spa-inspired bathroom and can provide a relaxing escape.

Budget-friendly Ideas

If money is tight, there are a number of affordable changes you can make to your bathroom to make it feel brand new. A quick and fairly easy way to change the look of your bathroom is to add a new coat of paint on the walls. You can also add some decorations around like scented candles or wall art.

Remodeling Guy offers these tips for budget-friendly bathroom remodeling:
  • Replace or paint your bathroom vanity
  • Replace bathroom fixtures
  • Get some cool bathroom accessories
  • Replace your bathroom lighting
  • Paint your bathroom in a hot new color
  • Or just get a new shower curtain!
There are many options out there for someone who wants to remodel a bathroom so get creative! If you need help, call a professional to make sure it gets done quickly and correctly. Feel free to browse our directory or contact us today to find a Connecticut bathroom remodeling contractor near you!

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