Use a Porch as an Addition

Published by: Donna Kshir
Published on: 2010-01-10 15:26:13

Using your porch as an addition to your home can be an easy and inexpensive way to add valuable living space. The location of the porch and how it is accessed to your home will determine if and how your porch can be repurposed.
Here are a few ideas for using your enclosed porch as an addition. If you currently have an open porch, it is best to consider hiring a contractor to turn your open porch into an enclosed room, unless you are a licensed professional or experienced enough to do-it-yourself.
* It is easy to transform a side porch into a greenhouse or potting room. The first step is to replace the walls with windows and add tables and shelves for potting your plants. It is also a good idea to invest and include a storage unit for your tools and supplies, as well as adding a sink with running water.
* Turn your front porch into an informal entryway to your home by creating a sun room. Add or install large windows. Add wicker furniture for added comfort and style. Add finishing touches and decorate with colorful cushions, pillows, draperies, appealing fabrics and potted plants.
* A rear or side porch is a great place to create an exercise room. It is both beneficial and convenient for the person on the go, working parents or people who don’t have time in general to drive to the gym and stand in line waiting to use the equipment.
It is also a good idea to install and arrange your exercise equipment to best suit your needs. Leave extra space for yoga mats and aerobic workouts. Create your own person snack bar by installing a mini bar. This will allow you to store and serve water and healthy snacks to family and friends, without the high cost you would experience at your local gym.
* Take an enclosed porch and create a hideaway guest bedroom. Add a daybed for added space and multiple purposes. Install mirrors and shelving units to create the perfect closet. Create privacy by adding roll up shades, mini blinds or draperies to cover the windows. Make the space personal by adding family photographs, throw pillows, flower arrangements and art work.

* Revamp your porch into the perfect family room. Add or install carpet or area rugs on the floor. Add a decorative light fixture or ceiling fan in the center of the room to add character to your new living space. Select furnishings that are both comfortable and affordable. It is a good idea to invest in window coverings to ensure privacy. Drapery panels, roll up shades and mini blinds are all good and convenient choices.

Make your new living space personal by adding potted plants, family photographs, throw pillows, flower arrangements and art work.

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