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The Boothroyd Group LLC, Your Premier Home Remodeling Contractor in Fairfield County  

THE BOOTHROYD GROUP LLC is a full service residential and light commercial Construction Management, Design/Build remodeling company in Fairfield County, Connecticut.  Contact us to find out how Construction Management and Design/Build can save you money and give you a better project.

Home remodeling services:

Design/Build Services - you will know what your project will cost and what it will look like before committing significant resources to it.  Don't pay for design services until you know what your project will cost, how it will look and whether it can be built.

Feasibility Studies - construction, zoning or other issues.
We can evaluate site conditions, building conditions, zoning considerations and other areas of potential concern to determine whether your proposed project is feasible.  Making a small investment now can save more later if there are areas that need to be addressed before investing significant resources into the design and construction of your project.

Consulting - anything property related. Bob Boothroyd offers over 30 years of industry experience. 

With over thirty years of construction, real estate brokerage and development experience, Bob Boothroyd can get you the information you need to make informed decisions about your property and your remodeling needs, whether it is a land use or design issue, a contract administration issue, a remodel vs. sell analysis or one of many other possible issues.

Construction Management - inquire about the advantages of Construction Management vs. General Contracting.  Find out how it can save you money AND get you a better project. 

Permitting Services - let us handle the entire process for you.

  1. Building Permits - we will handle all details with the various departments and apply for your permit, process your permit and arrange for all necessary inspections.
  2. Zoning Compliance - we will arrange for surveys, drawings and satisfy other requirements of the local zoning officials.
  3. Variances - should you need relief from zoning regulations, we will evaluate the feasibility of seeking a variance and we will take care of all of the details involved in this complex and oftentimes confusing process.  Bob Boothroyd has sought and obtained variances for clients all over the state of Connecticut.

Repairs - we will assist you with your large or small jobs.

From simple cosmetic or structural repairs to the more complex, our many years of experience can be invaluable to you in determining the best course of action when you have any repair needs.

Painting - large or small, interior and exterior paint jobs.

From color selection to choosing the most environmentally friendly coatings, we can help.  Our designer/color consultant is also available.  We'll help you select the level of paint job that is right for you.

Roofing - all types of structures, all types of roofs.

Whether you need advice on style and color or you need to know whether an EPDM or a wet mop applied membrane roof is best for your flat roof, we can advise you and then do the job right.  If you have any structural issues, we can correct them on the spot - no waiting.

Siding - all types, all styles from vinyl to stucco.

Common siding types are vinyl, wood, various composites and various types of stucco.  Each of these has distinct advantages and disadvantages.  Each requires specific preparation of the area between the siding and your house's exterior sheathing (this area is called the "drainage plain").  Some of the largest builders in the country have replaced millions of square feet of siding recently because they didn't get it right.  New materials often involve new installation techniques.  We attend trade shows and manufacturer's clinics on a regular basis so we stay current with our knowledge of products and proper installation techniques.

Windows & Doors

  • Wood (traditional)
  • Metal
  • Vinyl
  • Composite

Let us show you the advantages of each type of window.  We do not install just one or two brands - we will help you select the right window for your needs and install it using industry "Best Practices" so you will get an energy efficient and water-tight installation for many years of trouble free use and enjoyment.

Kitchens - minor to major remodeling, we can help you design and remodel your kitchen within your budget.

There are a number of design standards that have been developed to assist in achieving the best kitchen designs.  Have you heard of the "kitchen triangle"?  Did you know that for many homeowners, it is not the best design principle to follow?  There are probably way too many choices in appliances, countertops, cabinets, lighting, tile vs. wood flooring, and on and on.  Our many years of experience in designing and remodeling kitchens will help you through the maze of information overload.

Baths - minor to major remodeling.  We rarely recommend a mid-range bathroom remodel.

The tub is usually the pivotal factor in determining how extensive a bathroom remodel will be.  We perform many "light remodels" where sinks, vanities and toilets are replaced, maybe lighting mirrors and accessories, too. Sometimes, though, it is difficult for the client and contractor to know where to stop.  It usually doesn't make sense to spend significant money on a bathroom remodel without replacing the tub (and all of the aging parts involved in faucets, shower heads and drain systems).  Once you commit to replacing your tub, so much of the bathroom usually needs to be demolished right down to the studs in the walls, that you might as well replace everything.  We can help you decide when to go "light" and when to go "all the way" and we'll give you prices for your various options before you begin, so you can make an informed decision that is in your best interests.

Additions and Expansions - all sizes, all styles, all price ranges.

We built many additions in recent years, in an economy fueled by cheap money and surreal appreciation in housing prices.  While the housing "bubble" surely has burst, there are still many cases where adding on just makes good financial sense.  With our "Design/Build" approach, we can help you with the information you need to make the best decision.  Before you spend money on design, we'll give you some rough sketches and prices so you'll know what your project will look like and how much it will cost before you spend money on design fees and begin construction.  We can also work with your Realtor or ours to provide you with a Remodel vs. Sell analysis.

Garages - basic or custom, attached or detached.

From simple to complex, from vinyl clad to wood and stone, two level structures, we can help you.  With our "Design/Build" approach, we can get you the information you need to make the best decision.  Before you spend money on design, we'll give you some rough sketches and prices so you'll know what your garage will look like and how much it will cost before you spend money on design fees and begin construction. 

Outbuildings - custom or prefabricated, we'll design it for you or simply build one from your plans.

We will also take care to ensure that your outbuilding will be adequate for your intended use and your intended contents, that it will comply with applicable zoning regulations, and that it will complement your house and your property aesthetically.

Finished Basements - we'll do the job right and within your budget.  Whether you want a simple finished space or high-quality additional living space, finishing a basement is often the most affordable way to get it.

When we go outside and start looking at your roof, your gutters, leaders and your yard, you may think we didn't hear you right when you asked us to give you a proposal for finishing your basement.  One of the most important considerations when finishing a basement is the existing and likely future groundwater and surface water situation.  We will look at many other elements of your house to make sure that should you move forward and spend money remodeling your basement with us, your investment will be sound.  Already have a budget for your basement remodeling project?  Let us show you what we can do for your figure.  With our Design/Build approach and our Construction Management business model, the value we can offer you is hard to beat.

Wine Cellars - custom or prefabricated.

There are many fine prefabricated cellars and prefabricated cellar racking and storage systems.  We can build you a wine cellar that is all prefabricated, partially prefabricated or totally custom.

Saunas - custom or prefabricated.

We'll help you evaluate whether a prefabricated or a custom design is best for your needs and budget.  We'll also make sure your sauna is safe and is fully inspected before you use it, to protect you and your family.

Waterproofing - proven solutions with long-term guarantees.

We have worked with our solutions partners for many years and will make sure you get everything you need and nothing you don't when we develop your water problem solution.  We will make sure the waterproofing work integrates fully with any present or future expansions or remodeling you may do.

Water Damage Remediation - mold abatement may be required, stopping 100% of the water intrusion will absolutely be required.

We'll help you evaluate whether mold abatement procedures are indicated and perform the necessary work.  With our knowledge of water problems and up-to-date "Best Practices" construction methodology, we'll make sure your water problems do not recur.

Plumbing - minor repairs to major systems replacements, we have the product knowledge and the personnel to do the job right.

Your plumbing system is one of many specialized systems in your house.  Our plumbers are experts at their work.  They know the plumbing codes and take care to ensure that you will receive a proper installation.  We make sure you are satisfied with the products and how your plumbing systems and fixtures integrate with your house.

Electrical - small jobs or major overhauls, don't take chances with shoddy work.

Whether you need a couple of additional outlets installed or something more, we will make sure the work is done properly and safely.  Our electricians know the current electrical codes and they keep up with any changes. 
We will make sure that any existing areas of your house that might have to be disturbed while performing your electrical work are rebuilt as necessary to restore your home to its original appearance.

HVAC - Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning - HVAC work, from minor repairs to major systems installations usually requires coordination of multiple trades as well as proper planning.  Do you know what a SEER rating is and why it is important?

There are many considerations when planning HVAC work.  Systems have changed dramatically in recent years and have become much more energy efficient and generally, a lot quieter.  Energy Star rated components are eligible for special tax treatment.  We are watching to see what additional benefits may be available to you through the economic stimulus legislation currently pending before congress. 

We can help you through fuel type choices, the best heating/cooling delivery system, and coordinating all work and permits.  We will discuss the SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) of your cooling equipment options and the heating efficiency and other options available on the various heating equipment you may consider. 

Before construction, we will give you an accurate estimate, including costs for structural and cosmetic work required as a result of your HVAC work.]

Landscaping - repairs to complete estate design.  Why is site drainage important to your new stone wall?

There has been a lot of work done in Fairfield County and nearby areas that does not even remotely comply with current industry best practices.  Without proper soil preparation, drainage systems and surface water control, no type of landscaping work will survive for long.  Most of the work looks like work properly done, but over time, many stone walls will crumble and fall, driveways sink and heave, and sidewalks and gardens wash away due to lack of installer and designer knowledge.  We and our solution partners make sure that your landscaping work will last and that it integrates properly with your entire property (both land and structures).

Masonry Work - masonry repairs or major installations all require more knowledge than meets the eye.

In addition to material selections and color selections that you will make, there are other material choices and installation techniques that your contractor must be aware of.  We will make sure your masonry work will last, that it will stay attached to your house (when it is attached masonry work), and that it will not allow water intrusion into your house, if it is attached masonry work.  See our Landscaping section for more information on detached masonry work.

Fencing - we can offer you all styles and materials types, but one thing comes first.

Before we select your fence style and materials, we will make sure your fence complies with local zoning and engineering regulations.  You may need a survey.  You may need a cross
easement with your neighbor(s).  We will make sure your fence will be a source of pleasure for you and your neighbors rather than a point of contention. 

Of course, we will help you select the materials and style that are right for your property and your budget.

Have a swimming pool?  There are numerous important regulations regarding pool fencing and they have changed a lot recently.  We can help you access the necessary information to make an informed decision.

Decking - all sizes and types of materials, we can help you choose.  After designing and building over 100 decks in Fairfield County, we know our decks.

Attached decks are considered additions in many towns.  Some decks count toward lot coverage in other towns.  Most decks require adequate footings, yet some large decks, in some towns, don't require any footings at all.  Nearly every town requires detailed construction drawings for most types of decks.

We'll help you understand the applicable land use, health department (impact on septic tanks & fields) and building code regulations as well as discuss best practices with you.  There are many new decking materials and railing systems.  Some are much better than others.  Some are much more costly than others.  We can help you design your deck, select the materials that will serve you best and give you a detailed cost estimate before construction begins.

Insulation - There are actually many types, we will help you decide what's right for you.  Do you know the best area of your home to insulate?

Most insulation qualifies for an Energy Star tax break.  More may be coming through the pending economic stimulus legislation now before congress.  Nearly all insulating work is an excellent investment, but there are some areas of the house that pay off quicker and/or cost much less to insulate than others.  We will assist you in evaluating your house "envelope", which is the barrier between "conditioned space" (think heated) and "unconditioned space".  Typically these areas can be thought of as attics or roofs (if no attic), walls and floors.  We will evaluate how the various areas of your house compare with the current building code (this includes the Model Energy Code) and what the costs would be to upgrade any areas that are below code.  This information will help us advise you of where your best payback might be when you decide to upgrade your insulation.

Proper ventilation also plays an important role in insulation, especially in the colder months here in New England.  As we seal our house envelopes ever tighter, we need to be more mindful of moisture intrusion and mold issues.  Performing all work to Best Practices standards is your best assurance in avoiding potential problems.

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