How to Hire a CT Contractor

There are several thousand connecticut home improvement contractors in your area. How do you narrow the field and protect yourself from being ripped off?

First, contact the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection and verify that the contractor is registered with the State of CT by calling the DCP (860-713-6000).Please note that we have found the DCP web site noticeably inaccurate when seeking registration verification. Verification is a prerequisite to accessing the DCP Guaranty Fund. The DCP Guaranty Fund is available to those individuals who have secured a judgment against their registered contractors. The Fund is available to pay the judgment in whole or in part, depending on the amount. Verification is at no cost and worth five minutes of your time.

Next, make sure the potential contract complies with CT law. It’s important to consult your attorney as soon as possible. Some of the contractual language required includes the total price, description of the work, a start and completion date, and two notices of cancellation. The notices inform you about your right to cancel the contract within three days of signing.

Proof of liability and worker compensation insurance are also important. Don’t be afraid to ask for copies of these certificates and assure they are current.

These are merely the basics. From here you may want to get two or three bids. There is no need to rush. Also ask for a list of suppliers. Contact them for a payment history. If he’s not paying them you might not see your deposit again. You can also call your local building inspector for an opinion. The DCP should be contacted to see if there are complaints pending against the contractor.

Ask your ct contractor how the job will progress. Put in writing who is responsible for pulling all permits, who has to clean up and how often, and whether the connecticut contractor will sign a lien waiver? Who else has he/she worked for?

To contact of the Home Remodeling Association of CT you can call 800.937.4722. Remember, HRAC contractors are registered and subject to our contractor Code of Ethics. They belong so they can continue their professionalism in the field of remodeling.

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